Monday, June 27, 2011

Casey's Graduation Banner

Graduation Banner

I made a graduation banner for my principals daughter, Casey. I will try to add the photos. Do I add them in this space? I can't remember where I've seen them on Melissa's blogsite. I do see a little blue button in the lower right corner......hmmm..... I don't know what will happen if I click.......let's just see..... cancel that was a bad idea.

once again

Once again I'm starting a project late at night. I tried to add a gadget but I had some illegal characters in my URL. Guess I will try to clean up my URL but I did learn to change my background and I changed the font and color of my font and title. Before I started working on my blog I have been looking at some old photos of my mom and dad. I will try to scan and paste one below this blog for tonight. Wish me luck:)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Never Fails

It never fails. I always start projects that take a loooooong time to accomplish, late at night. My college roomate, Denise, did in fact ROTFL when I suggested that I am a morning person. Oh, well.... btw this has nothing to do with scrapstuff except I do most of my scrapping past 10 p.m.